Journal (2013)

Most recently, nostalgia for his childhood summers has found its way into his art. His brother shared a collection of notes that he had kept during a family summer vacation in 1979. “I pounced on the opportunity to use his words in my paintings,” says Ferry. These recent paintings recapture the memories that helped establish his first affection for Maine. The colors are softer than those used in some of his other works, heightening the sense that the paintings are based on remembrances of hazy summer days. Pale gray borders act as a “frame” and house his brother’s brief but evocative descriptions. “Instead of finding inspiration from direct observation, I find my sources on the periphery; something I saw or noticed but didn’t think about will seep into my work weeks or months later,” he says, “Inspiration is an elusive thing and most painting decisions I make are intuitive. When I’m working I sometimes don’t realize the source of a decision until after I make it.”

Jamie Thompson

July 30, 2015